Online Advertising

The Group provides media and online advertisement as a medium to provide information and various knowledge to the consumers.  Our service also includes advertising media space for any businesses which want to advertise their products and services to their target customers.

Prop Tech Co., Ltd (Review Your Living)

Prop Tech Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of the Group which develops website, social media and application under the brand “Review Your Living”. It provides news and information in real estate industry, including updated lifestyle trend. Prop also provide online advertising media space and various types of content development service to match with the needs of various businesses.

At present, has over 100,000 views/month and has follower in the Facebook Page over 421,000 Like (as of the end of Nov. 2020). The companies in real estate development, manufacturing, product distribution, and also leading advertisement agencies have been using our services to promote their marketing activities continuously.

The Group has been ready to expand our media and advertising services to other online channels in the future. This would increase our ability to provide contents which will be beneficial to the consumers and can answer to the needs of the users as much as possible.