About Us

AddTech Hub Public Company Limited

AddTech Hub Group has operated in mobile value-added service business together with all major mobile operators for over 15 years. The Group has developed various digital solutions which are able to efficiently capture target customers and expanded to other internet-enabled businesses such as

electronic financial service, online media and advertising, and software and application development. With the personnel team’s experience, potential, and expertise, AddTech Hub Group will restlessly strive to create innovative technological services that will always be there for mobile users.


Digital Content

“Digital Content Service System via Mobile Phone”
Digital content management system through mobile phone service providers that can support a large volume of transactions and supports a variety of content and service charges with more than 15 years of experience and expertise


Digital Solution

“Information Technology System Development Service”
A service that meets the information technology system requirements of business operators in various industries to improve operational efficiency to keep up with the digital age.


Online Advertising

“Media Services and Online Advertising”
Media services and content production services Support for advertising and public relations through online channels To provide information and news and knowledge to promote marketing activities both in the form of websites and social media


Create and develop technology
To facilitate daily life
Promote the use of technology
For equal access to technology for society
Build technological stability
To live in harmony with society and the environment in a sustainable way