Care the Wild Project
The Company participated in the Care the Wild: Plant & Protect project of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. This is a fundraising project to promote the creation of forest areas to create a balance in the ecosystem and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in an area of ​​1 rai, 200 trees can be planted at Ban Aoi Community Forest and Ban Boon Rueng, Rong Kwang District, Phrae Province
Website improvement for

The company has updated the website., which is a website for creating food items in an online format, in order to reduce exposure to food items in the form of a book and create a good image for the restaurants to be used more conveniently.

As of 31 December 2022, there are 3,951 merchants using the service, with approximately 6.24 million menu views in 2022.

Added the functionality of the RKI application

The RKU application is an application that the Company has made for the Ruamkatanyu Foundation to use for volunteer registration to support the work of the foundation. The foundation has requested the Company to add more functionality forms of various data syncing in the application in order to be appropriate and convenient for searching for information.

Charity Event

The Company participated in the sharing happiness project for children at Mae Win Samakkhi School, Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai Province on 9 December 2022.

Renovation of the pavilion roof in Ruen Samuen Yat project
The Company has renovated the pavilion roof of Ruen Samuen Yat project, which has been initiated by Siriraj Hospital together with Amarintr- aram Temple to assist underprivileged patients and their relatives who have difficulties in finding accommodation and are not able to travel back and forth easily. The Company renovated the former roof of the pavilion that was unable to shield from sun and rain and build the pavilion roof to connect to Ruen Samuen Yat on April 7, 2021.
Installation of a cooling fan system in the Yu Yen Pen Suk project for underprivileged patients
The Company installed a cooling fan system in the Yu Yen Pen Suk project for underprivileged patients at Ban Baeng Boon, Bueng Cham-O sub-district, Nong Suea district, Pathum Thani province on June 10, 2021. project for COVID-19 patients
The Company joined project for COVID-19 patients by jointly establishing a system for sending SMS and OTP, which is the Company’s expertise. This is a website that collects information related to COVID-19 such as vaccination centers, field hospitals, waiting points, and contact channels for patients for help. In addition, the Company also established a backup channel (Gateway) for sending and receiving SMS in the event that the main channel has a problem, and the Company is responsible for the cost of sending SMS incurred through the Company’s channel.