Digital Content

The Group provides the digital content support system service to various mobile phone operators in order to respond to the needs for digital contents of mobile phone users in all target segment. The Group service is especially in the form of subscription so that the users can receive various kinds of content such as information, news, knowledge and entertainment. The Group provide the complete Digital Content Support services as follows.

Procurement of digital content creator service

The Group operates in providing digital content. The process starts from selecting the content and finding the content creators in accordance with the operators’ requirements and policy. The digital content is in the category which interests the mobile phone users.

There are variety of format and content. For the format, The Group provide the service in the format of text messaging, voice and VDO. For the content, the group provides interesting content in various categories such as health, sports news and horoscope etc.

Digital content marketing services

The Group gives importance to marketing in order to promote digital content usage among users. The Group finds alliances in order to promote digital content services of the providers through public relation and marketing communication channels. The target is to grow the number of digital content users continuously through different marketing channels such as online marketing, telesales and television, etc.

Digital content delivery development and maintenance services

In order to maintain the operators’ digital content service quality, the Group gives importance to development and maintenance of digital content delivery system for the satisfaction of users when using the service. The Group also gives importance to subscription service, digital content delivery service, fee calculation service, and also large and complex data collection. This will be beneficial for deep data analysis which can be used for service improvement and development of the service, including future marketing activities.